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Welcome to Beyond Just Service and The Home Whisperer's Blog Page!

My name is Michael Fleming Jr., co-owner and CEO of Beyond Just Service,LLC. I have been a resident of Central Florida almost of my life. I am very familiar with the area and feel that my father and I are your best choice for handyman and property maintenance services.

As a home whisper I have always had a passion for home design. When I walk into a home or building it speaks to me. The things some people would over look can be the first things I notice. Most importantly I can help utilizing the focal points of your home to create a welcoming feel for the space. Your home speaks to me the most when these great attributes are underutilized, let my company and I help you with that!

Follow my blog for helpful tips, corny jokes and some important tips for the bettering all homes in our community.

- Michael a. Fleming Jr.


Caution Should Be Used

These posts are just a suggestion on items any home owner might take to keep ahead of any issues that can arise from not doing anything. However some of the items in this post can be dangerous and should only be done by someone who know what they are doing and if you do this always have a second person to help if you use a ladder or its a two person job.

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